• If you cannot attend class, please notify the instructors of your absence. This demonstrates respect for the instructors and fellow students.

If you are going to be absent for an extended period, please notify the instructors of your absence, and then notify them when you plan to return. You may have to undergo extensive review of basic techniques to assure a solid foundation.

If we don’t know you’ll be gone for a long time, we have to assume you have dropped out of class and we may remove you from our mailing list.


• Bow before entering and leaving the mats.

• If you are late, wait at the edge of the mat for the instructor to acknowledge you.

• The most senior student always practices at the head of the mats.

• When asked to switch partners the junior persons will switch positions.

• Bow before and after you start to work out to any new partner.

• If you are injured but can still work out, let an instructor know so we can work around your injury.

• If you have an open wound or a cut cover it with tape or bandages.

• Your training partner is helping you learn a complex martial art. Always show respect to your partner.

• Always pay close attention to the instructors. Learn how to learn. See what you look at, listen to what you hear.

Being a martial artist is more than learning physical techniques. It is building character. Read, reflect on, and practice the Code of Bushido (see our web site: A martial artist is an example. Be a good one.

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